Using Database Management to Help Cultural Organizations Thrive

We are excited to announce that Omnia History is officially offering a new service to help cultural organizations center the needs of the public and thrive as agents of social change: database management. We have been doing this work for years and are intentionally growing it into a core part of Omnia History because we have witnessed how effective database administration can positively impact cultural organizations.

Five years ago, Hope and I became involved with a local historical society that was financially struggling and working to reorient its strategic priorities. Among other issues, the organization’s mailing lists, event registrations, membership rolls, donations, and volunteer information were all located in different software, spreadsheets, and physical files, if they existed at all. In an effort to prioritize outreach, a team of volunteers and I decided to install and maintain CiviCRM, an open-source constituent relationship management system that could consolidate the organization’s contact data. Since then, I have transitioned to a contracted consulting role as I continue to refine the system, streamline data input, and integrate forms into the society’s website.

Better data management yielded significant tangible benefits for the organization. My transition to a contract position speaks to the increased financial stability of the organization and means that the society’s staff and volunteers have more time to advance the mission of the organization. By having all contact information in one place, the society has been able to strategically reach out to constituents and make it easier to register for events, become members, and make donations. Here is what one board member says:

“Rachel has worked with us to integrate our WordPress-hosted website and our CiviCRM database so that we now depend almost totally on the CiviCRM email functions to communicate with our 2,000+ constituents and use its event registration system for both free and paid events on a weekly basis. Without this integration, we would not be able to manage our busy calendar of activities and would be forced to bear substantial printing and mailing costs we simply cannot afford. We also use CiviCRM to manage our membership acquisition and retention activities, our donations and our volunteer records.”

Treasurer/Outreach and Marketing Chair

We are excited to help more organizations maximize staff and volunteer time, increase engagement, and create a foundation for financial growth through database management. We are especially interested in customizing systems for small and mid-sized cultural organizations in the Midwest. Do you know of an organization who might benefit from this service? Learn more here or contact us for more information.

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