Omnia History is a public history collaborative that uses the past to promote social change. Our professional practice is grounded in the simple idea that cultural work should benefit people in tangible ways and serve a larger social purpose.

We help cultural organizations center the needs of the public and thrive as agents of change. Omnia provides services that are uniquely tailored for our partners and emphasize community engagement.

As professional and academic leaders, we envision and enact innovative models of doing public history. Our scholarship informs our services and vice versa.

Rachel Boyle


Rachel Boyle, PhD has been a public historian since high school, when she once set up an interactive booth at the local mall to teach kids about economic inequality during the Great Depression. Now holding a PhD and over ten years of professional experience, Boyle continues to  blend critical historical practice with meaningful community engagement. She currently manages constituent relationship management systems for local cultural organizations across the Midwest, conducts research on gender and violence in urban culture, and investigates ways to utilize cooperative structures in the field of public history. 

Hope Shannon


Hope Shannon is a public history professional and historian with a decade of experience working with local history institutions, museums, and cultural organizations. She is particularly interested in how people use local history to shape public policy in their towns and neighborhoods, how this use of history has shaped local politics and culture, and the potential of local history to support progressive change.