Midwestern History

Midwestern History

As the Mellon Major Project Postdoctoral Fellow at the Newberry Library, I coordinated an institution-wide initiative asking, “What is the Midwest?” In addition to developing digital resources and programs for scholars, students, and the public, I fostered interdepartmental collaboration and built relationships with cultural organizations across the region.

Now, I continue to research, write, and lead courses on topics in Midwestern history, with a special interest in destabilizing assumptions of Midwestern whiteness and confronting the region’s continued legacy of violent settler colonialism.

Selected Work

Author, Review of Imagining the Heartland: White Supremacy and the American Midwest by Britt E. Halvorson and Joshua O. Reno, Western Historical Quarterly (Summer 2023).

Author, Review of The Capital Times by John Nichols and Dave Zweifel, Voyageur Magazine (2021).

Author, “The Legend of Big Ole,” Belt Magazine (November 2019). Designated “Best of Belt 2020.”

Author, Review of Finding a New Midwestern History edited by Jon K. Lauck, Gleaves Whitney, and Joseph Hogan, Nebraska History (2019).

Curator, “Migration and the Midwest,” Digital Collection for the Classroom, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL (January 2019).

Curator, “Midwest Connections: Stories of Midwest Migration,” Newberry Library, Chicago, IL (December 2018).