Custom Partnerships

We partner, contract, and consult with groups on a case-by-case basis on projects that benefit the public and serve a larger social purpose. 

Custom partnerships include but are not limited to:


I highly recommend both Rachel and Hope as consultants to small organizations like ours, where every penny counts and every hour of volunteer time has to be used as efficiently as possible to accomplish the core mission. Their understanding of the issues we face and their concern for effective management of our limited resources make them ideal partners for us and for others like us.

Dona Vitale
Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society

As an independent curator hired for Chicago Collections Consortium’s digital exhibit on the topic of Chicago protests, Rachel Boyle’s collaborative skills and thoughtful approach in working with our member organizations was critical to the success of the project. Rachel possessed key leadership and administrative skills needed for the project as this was CCC’s first launch into digital curation.

Jeanne Long
Chicago Collections Consortium


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